Mobile phone hacking, PCB prototype design

Hello fellow hackers and makers, I thought make a couple of offers and the post title explains it all really… I can’t offer much else beyond the title at this point as I haven’t got my NVQ level 5 in “Offers of Any Nature”.

First workshop idea, installing fully open-source software on your android phone, i.e. installing a custom ROM. Advantages - more space on your internal storage, faster, cleaner GUI, customisable, rooted for full SD card access. Disadvantages? Very rarely an app developer decides to disable their app for custom ROMs, Barclays banking app for example.

Second idea, PCB design and prototyping intro. I thought to show the process I’m using to design the bits (preferably dangly bits) I’m making for the openenergymonitor project. I could do that, however if anyone has any ideas for some other PCB to make, a circuit board of any shape and size for any purpose, post below… and I could prepare something for the session.

Cheers for now,


Hi Dan,

These both sounds like excellent ideas for workshops. Did you have dates in mind?


@danieru-san is there any chance you’ll be down for the open evening tonight? Would love to rack your brains about pcb design, I’ve had a play with Eagle in the last little while and think I have the very basics, but translating a schematic is still a bit of a mystery to me, would love some advice if possible

Seems like nothings happening tonight. Next week let’s have a look at it and you can fire questions.!