Modular synths anyone?

Hi, I recently got involved with modular synths. I’m interested to improve my soldering skills to make modules. There are lots go DIY kits available ( I’m also interested in Modular synth meet-ups.
Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi @swhic and welcome! There are a few folks with interest in sound in general. Have you been along to an open evening? If not, I’ll be down tomorrow (Weds 7th Dec) from 7PM and the space should be open Wednesday next week also.

Hi, thanks ! No I haven’t been yet to an open evening. Thinking of coming next week (Wed the 14th). See you there…

Great, see you then!

Mudular synths yes please :smile:

I will be away next Wednesday but the time after that I will be about for sure. I need to build a simple oscilator that can be controlled witha simple control voltage (CV) input 0 to 10 Volts, 1 volt per octave. Then we can bodge it onto the detector output of the mass spec and hear some spectra!

That’s great! I’m very keen to learn things. Hopefully I would be skilful enough to build some Serge DIY kits…

Nick has visited quite a few times in the past but I’m not sure if he is a member yet, we need to get him to teach us! Check out his website :smile:

That’s really good stuff there! Absolutely lets go for it!

Sorry I missed the meeting., I tried to communicate by replying via email which doesn’t work. Hopefully I’ll be there this Wed else after the Christmas holidays…Thanks

Hi Terry @swhic are you about tonight? Solstice gathering starting in BR from 6:30 :smile:

Hi @Giles, no I’m not coming today. it seems that the 4th of January would be good for me…Thanks for letting me know. Happy Solstice…

hey @swhic just loaded a Hammond donor instrument into the back of the Luton with the phasers n lasers… it will be in BR tomorrow morning ready to be pimped with some extra knobs, whistels, undulators n oscillators.

There is a fault on it, I have not tried it yet, I was given it but already have a couple, three seemed a bit greedy… it has a Leslie rotary speaker in it :smile:

HI Giles, sorry I missed that! Seems like next Wednesday I’ll be there. You coming?

Hi yes I will be there for a bit !