More lasers? (Lots more lasers...)

I am collecting a luton van full of lasers from the photon science institute on the 22nd and am planning on storing them in Andrew’s new room next to BR on the morning of the 23rd. There is some equipment that would be of use to BR and can be donated including a laser, it looks like we will have a full on laser lab at BR to complement the cutter

I have some help organised but I think we could do with a bit more… if anyone has any free time on the morning of the 23rd before 12:00 please get in touch or meet at the space!

Then we can play proper space invaders! :rocket:

Sorry, @Giles, I can’t get there that early, but if you decided on a later time, maybe I could help from 1 or 2pm.

Hi @RoboGuy It is a little early…! I was trying to squeeze the van hire into a day from 12:30 to 12:30, depending on how many bodies we can get hold of an extra half day may be necessary. To be honest it will not be the easiest job but I just could not bare to see all that kit go to waste especially when it nearly all works fine…

Hi @Giles, first thing in the morning, e.g. around 8AM, would be best for me.

Hi @9600 that’s good for me, the earlier the better… we can make a good start I will have some trollies. See you on Wednesday :smile:

@9600 I have got at least two able bodies to assist, not sure if they will be able to make it for 8 but they will be there at some stage. I have not spoken to @Martin yet to check his availability.