Never miss a forum post again

I’ve enabled "Mailing List mode” in my Discourse account settings. This causes an email notification to be sent to me when ANY post is made in this forum.
This is attractive because in the past, I’ve missed information due to the fact that I don’t log on regularly to browse the forum.

I don’t get swamped with email - there isn’t much traffic on the forum. To enable this mode, do the following:

  • Click on the settings-cog in your user-icon (my icon is a circled letter P in the top right of the page, when using a mobile phone);
  • Click on ‘Account’.
  • Click on ‘Emails’.
  • At the bottom of that page, tick ‘Enable mailing list mode’.
  • Click ‘Save changes’.

That’s it!
Hope you find this useful…

Excuse the spam…


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@discobot display help.

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