Open Data Institute, Leeds--March FloodHack

There’s an Open Meeting to discuss #FloodHack16 at Leeds Open Data Institute, Wednesday 27th 16:30 to 18:00.

They’re running #FloodHack16 on the 11th & 12th March at ODI Leeds - looking at what challenges the recent flooding created and what technology, data and innovation can do, and building stuff that helps.

I’m going to go the the meeting–anyone interested??

I might be up for that @Caz

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It’s a bit early for me to get over to Leeds on Weds, but will be down at the space from 7PM and look forward to hearing from anyone who makes it along and drops by for the open evening.

Btw, we’ve got our sensor connected down at Tenterfields now:

Pan-out and then zoom up to between Sowerby Bridge and Luddendenfoot (they’ll be improving the map so that it doesn’t always default to Oxford).

Hey, that was quick @9600!

Do you know the level at which it floods there?

@roboguy, not exactly, it’s a bit of a guess. Set the flood/warning (red) level to 1M above yesterdays depth. This, along with other calibrations can easily be changed at a future date. It’s currently just in a temporary location and once we have an antenna fixed up outside we’ll move the sensor to a better location.

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ODI Leeds ran a preliminary session today, which @Caz and I attended. They’re trying to gather together people, ideas, data etc to prepare for the event on 11-12 March:

@9600 has already installed a sensor at Tenterfields, & has ordered some kit from Germany, due to arrive next week. We plan to do some initial testing, & order more kit to develop a proof of concept approach in our area ahead of the hack.

Who fancies signing up for the floodhack event?

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Who’s interested & available for this event on Fri 11th & Sat 12th March? I wonder whether we should have a pre-meet to clarify what BR can contribute to the event & afterwards. I’m aware that @9600 is progressing the IoT flood sensor network, & believe his colleague Stuart (?) will be attending Flood Hack to present on that. I think @Caz is going, & I plan to.

Stuart and Chelsea will be heading along to talk about the stuff we’re doing here at work. I’ll be away, sadly.

@roboguy, since you’re not around this Weds, how about we catch up on Tues 8th? Thinking of discussing LoRaWAN and sensors at the electronics meet-up…

Yes, happy to come down on Tues 8th. Will Stuart & Chelsea be there also?

I’ll ask them, but best to assume not at this point. In any case, the stuff we’re doing at work and that BR with does with this stuff is in no way interdependent or in competition. The more people extending Things Network and flood sensor etc. coverage the better. Of course, we can all benefit from sharing learning experiences, but at this point it’s still pretty early days…

Useful session at 1st day of Flood Hack today - attended by Giles Dring, @Caz & myself, together with @9600’s colleague, Stuart Childs.Discussions structured around flooding stages - preparation, detection, analysis, response & recovery. A few of us focused on response & recovery aspects, identifying info requirements, split by timescales etc. More work tomorrow. Some good links being made, & raising awareness of Bridge Rectifier.

BR’s main focus will be on detection, based around the Things Network, LoRaWAN flood sensors, base stations, & visual display of current river levels.

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Here are some outputs from the Flood Hack today - Giles Dring and I were there again.

HackPad - outputs from all groups:

Flood Recovery group – Trello board:

Flood Recovery group - Giles Dring’s summaries:

In order to display things on a map, like all schools around Hebden, we used some clever software called Overpass Turbo:
Not seen that before . . .

I didn’t get chance to give a specific plug for Bridge Rectifier & what we’re doing, but we all mingled & spread the word plenty that way.