Open Evening 30/09/15

Well what a fantastic night that turned out to be.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.

Bridge Rectifier is going to be very interesting indeed.

a great turnout, well done to Guy for all the publicity effort - so good to be welcoming new people to the space. Great to see membership growing. @treb0r can you post some of the photo’s you took to discourse - I’ll get them onto the BR Facebook page and the website as well.

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and thnx to @9600 for embedding BR into the wuthering bytes programme so seamlessly and for opening up the opportunity to promote the hackerspace at the ‘council’ days.

They came out a bit blurry for some reason. Here are the best ones.

Really enjoyed being shown where the circular henge structures are on Midgley Moor using Google maps - thanks @breakingthings!

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A crisp winter walk is very much on the cards.

It would be lovely to have a walk up there one Saturday afternoon. I’ve never been able to find the henges before.

I’ll treat you to a pint or two down the pig afterwards.