Open evenings and laser cutting

Hi all

I’m thinking of joining Bridge Rectifier and I would like to come to one of your open evenings. Are they every Wednesday?

Also, once joined, how long does the laser cutting induction take? It’s laser cutting that interests me most at the moment.

My background (just so it’s not a voice from the darkness) is I’m a broadcast animator and digital effects artist by trade, but have started becoming interested in electronics and interactive audio visual work, tinkering around with 3d printing, touch boards and game engines amongst many other bits n bobs.

I’m sure I have some knowledge to add to the mix. If anyone is interested in animation, digital sculpting, graphics etc, don’t hesitate to ask me anything. Can’t promise I will know the answer, but it’s a possibility,



Hi Matt,
We open most Wednsdays (depending on keyholder availability). I’ll be there this Wednesday and can give you an induction to the laser-cutter. With your background it shouldn’t take too long. We generally use Inkscape to edit and then save as a dxf file that the dedicated laser software can read (although it’s a bit temperamental). Bring a USB stick and any svg files you might like to play with. Looking forward to meeting you,

Hi Emma

Thanks for responding. I hope to get down to see you this Wednesday, 7pm?

See you then



Yes, I’ll be there by 7pm.

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The heating is limited so I suggest you dress warmly.

Extra socks, check! :+1::grinning: