Partner for this Project? Raspberry Jam in Todmorden

Hi there, It would be great to partner with Bridge Rectifier for this Rjam Todmorden project.
It’s a Raspberry Pi Jam - but Alan who started those is now calling them RJam, to reflect a bit of a wider focus.

RJam Todmorden Launch Event

4th May (May the Forth be with You!) - 4.00 to 6.00 - (doors open from 3.30 for activities)
Makery Workshop - Tod College

RJam Todmorden is a monthly event to celebrate creative techy coding and making of all kinds. It is aimed at inventors, families and anyone interested in learning.

What you can expect

Hands-on Entry Activities: Wearing textiles and technology creations, playing games, lights LEDS, interactive displays, buggy battles,

Introduction: Alan O’Donohoe talks about RJam (aka Raspberry Jam). We also explore how RJams align with the repairing and making in the Makery and how to make coding activities fun and diverse using a project approach.

Carousel Activities - 15 mins each - Sample 4 or 5 different activities including: Technology and textiles, create space / dance music by coding in Sonic Pi, create a weather station using a Raspberry Pi, solder your own LED lights and control them with Microbits, hack an Arcade Game and play it and design and Make things in Wood and see our 3D printer

A bit more about Todmorden RJam Next Steps: We will share details of next event. ongoing activities at Makery, suggest a trip out to Liverpool Make Fest and set a challenge project.

For more info see RJam Todmorden – Sign up for Updates | Todmorden Makery