Post-covid Relaunch

We’re finally looking to re-open Bridge Rectifier and introduce people properly to our new base at 2-4 Stubbing Holme Road, HX7 6EA.

We’ll be open 7 to 9pm every Wednesday evening, starting 4th August. We may open on Saturdays occasionally, and when it feels right, we’ll resume a series of free laser-cutting introduction days to give anyone an insight into those methods and possibilities. And then onto other events . . .

Come along tomorrow if you’d like to talk tech, check out our new facilities, learn how you could choose to get involved etc.

Bridge Rectifier has been invited to contribute to a local light art event in December - Light Up The Valley - as part of community reboot ‘This Vibrant Valley’. So, we’re starting to develop ideas for that.

How exciting. It would be really good if some Saturday daytime sessions could happen. I have a baby and can’t do anything in the evenings atm and all the maker orientated things in the area are evenings only. I’m sure if they were advertised you’d manage to tap into a different demographic.

Pre covid, we ran free laser cutting introduction days on a weekend. That’s a good way to learn the basics for that, and we hope to resume shortly.

As we’re all volunteers, we rely on members to drive forward workshops in different fields. As we recruit more members, we hope to offer more variety, and to acquire further equipment to broaden the group’s appeal.