Refurbishment of New Base at Stubbing Holme Rd

Check out the progress made in bringing back into use the former Wireform offices on the corner of Stubbing Holme Rd. We recently moved the hackerspace co-operative from Hebble End, and now plan to expand the equipment available.

The laser-cutter was put to good use during the height of the pandemic, making parts for 3,200 face visors, which were made together with a wider community team (they went to care homes, hospices, hospitals, local businesses and more). We also have a 3D-printer, some electronics tools and computers. We’re likely to set up some metal and woodworking facilities - watch this space . . . . . get in touch to find out more.

Main upstairs room:


Laser-cutter room:

Potential metal workshop:

Potential space for socials & temporary exhibitions:

Lab sponsored by RORO charity:


There’s also a potential wood workshop, 2 WCs and a downstairs kitchen that we’re not currently planning to use.

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Hi, this looks great @RoboGuy. I’m so sorry we’ve been so absent throughout the pandemic. Would like to help if there are jobs that can be done.

Yes, @bogsnork, that’d be great. Martin started plumbing a kitchen area. In whatever order, upstairs there are still more benches to be built for 3d printing, PC and materials near laser cutter, fitting kitchen wall units, and assembling racking.

Downstairs, there are walls to be painted and stuff to be organised. We need to get as much stuff as possible upstairs, or on high shelves - ahead of the next flood, a when rather than an if. Probably lots more too . . .

As a first step I’d encourage all current and prospective members to come and check out our new base. We need members’ views on what more equipment we should invest in. You can see for yourselves what’s been done already and discuss what more’s needed.

Here are another set of photos, showing latest refurbishment progress. In theory, we’re ready to resume normal activities, but due to government announcements, NOT currently allowed to - great timing! However, it should be possible for an individual to go in and do some laser-cutting, if that’s classified as ‘work’? Similarly, can we continue work on the building, provided that we maintain social distancing?

Main room overview, 1st Floor. Meetups, training, 3D-printing, amateur radio, computing, soldering

Main room - 3D-printing

Main room - amateur radio and comms (work in progress)

Laser-cutting room, 1st Floor

Kitchen area, 1st Floor. Operational, but other work in progress

Potential metal workshop, 1st Floor (work in progress)

Scientific equipment lab, Ground Floor (work in progress). Sponsored by

Potential woodworking shop, Ground Floor (work in progress)

Potential social/ temporary exhibition space, Ground Floor (work in progress)