Security meetup/forum

Hi all.

At the open evening yesterday, @9600, @richard and myself were having a good old chinwag about security and privacy. We live in interesting times, in that regard, and so I wondered if people would like to meet up to discuss along these lines? I can think of quite a few different aspects which we could cover (see below). Whether a general discussion or a series of talks, and whether within the group or whether some could be public is up for discussion.

  • Privacy - how important is it, what should we trade it for, who deserves it…
  • IPA, aka snoopers charter. What and why (this could require quite a bit of reading :frowning: )
  • "back door"s and why they’re bad.
  • Encryption - theory or use (gpg/pgp, ssl, …)
  • How to avoid IPA - VPNs
  • Ransomware - what it is, how to mitigate it
  • Tor
  • and so on

Any input or ideas very welcome!