Suspending membership

I’m unable to be involved with things and this is likely to be for some time so I’m going to leave the group for a while. My membership should be considered lapsed - this means I have s pare set of keys to hand-on to anyone that would like them or would be able to take responsibility for them. I’d like to stay on the mailing list and if anything comes up where ‘the public’ are welcome and I can free up the time then might drop by to say hello.

what do I need to do other than not present myself, and not contribute to subs? simply to have ‘lapsed’ seems a good way to go to me?


I think lapsed is probably the simplest. You’d just be removed from the membership list, so would no longer get invited to vote at meetings etc. I think @treb0r might be down at the space today. If not, maybe you could drop the keys in tomorrow night?

@dxhales I’ll be here until 2pm if that’s any good.

cheers - but can’t make it down today

will see what I can do about getting down tomorrow.