Synths and stuff


Just to introduce myself to the forum and give a little bit of info about what I am interested in, which is mostly synthesisers.

I make and repair synth modules, mostly for the Eurorack format, but I do work in other formats too like Frac and standalone machines. I only ever work in 12v and leave the 240v stuff for folk who actually know what they are doing.

I went with Giles last year to the BlueDot festival where we set up a Mass Spectrometry machine and took the output from that to control my modular synth. This was really good fun and we are doing it again this year.

While I like all forms of synthesis, I am especially interested in digital renditions of strange methods e.g. Modal synthesis, a form of Additive synthesis but based on banks of filters.

I am on a long and slow journey to design and build my own modules, so particularly interested in the CNC machine for creating aluminium panels.

I am not in any rush, this is just for fun :slight_smile:

I look forward to meeting you soon
All the best

Pleased to e-meet you Kell, and welcome!
Look forward to hearing some synthesisers in Hebble End one day :slight_smile:

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