The last thing you made

What’s the last thing you made?

I’d post mine, but as a new user I’m apparently not allowed to put images in posts.

Or in this reply.

And I have to type this little bit to make it up to 20 characters.

Hi David, that’s correct. It’s to stop porn spam. When you become a trusted member you get more privileges. it’s very clever and much better than what happens with a normal php forum!

…and the minimum character setting only applies to your first post and reply. Again, to stop spam bots…

Aha, I seem to remember that form the last time I used Discourse.

So! The last thing I made was this helmet rack:

They were knocking around cluttering up the place, and there was a bunch of leftover wood in the attic. Apart from a drill, I made this entirely with hand tools. The angle was planed in by hand with a Stanley number 4. All of the fixings are concealed: screws are hidden by the pegs, and the pegs have threaded inserts with M3 socket caps that go into them through angled holes in the back.

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The last thing I made was a website. Boring, but true.

A robotic drawing machine, programmed to draw figures. I’m currently experimenting with image size & pen width. Pen centring is a problem: a position slightly off centre produces incremental errors, so that after 550 lines, body parts tend to get displaced!
“New users” can’t upload images, so I’ll have to do that later.

I’ll create a separate thread for robotics & document the details there.
See current artwork here:

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The last thing I made with code was this TwitterBot which generates and broadcasts arbitrary instructions for making, drawing, writing, innovating, interacting, inspiring & collaborating. I will use it as part of my teaching, but the outputs may be of general interest and do read as a series of micro-narratives. The bot is coded using Google scripts, which uses a Google spreadsheet as a text database. I’ve also ported the simple concept into ‘Processing’, in order to make a generative book version.

seed_ cities and puzzles
mode_ an imaginary life
make_ a swatch
show_ in 2 dimensions

I made it after attending the ‘Feral Vector’ event, which was brilliant on every level.


I’ve made drawing bots in the past using Lego Mindstorms parts. Thinking on, it was probably 10 or 12 years ago - doesn’t time fly.

Those Lego Mindstorms kits were great. I wonder if they do anything more evolved these days?

I was using the RCX 1.0/1.5 programmable bricks and coding them with Dave Baum’s NQC language (not quite c). I still have 3 or 4 of the basic bots in storage in Huddersfield.

Are you going to join Bridge Rectifier? Be great to get hose running again!

I know Derek quite well and was intending to join at some point.

Well we urgently need paying members now to keep the ship afloat!

No pressure though :wink:

What are the membership details/costs? Is there a form to fill in?

It’s a minimum donation of £10 / month. More is great.

@guylymer on here will contact you with details. It’s really just a matter of setting up a standing order.

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I think it was probably ‘a concept’ :wink:

and when I say ‘concept’ I mean in the sense that concepts are tools.

Yes, we’d be grateful for £10 per month, paid by standing order. I tried to attach a simple form, with account details & return address, but only images are allowed. Please send your email address to and I’ll send it that way. Thanks.

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