Things Calderdale (LoRaWAN) meet-up, Tues 13th December

Hi All,

Rebooting the monthly electronics meet-up, albeit this time with a focus in particular on LoRaWAN, The Things Network and projects that make use of these. Given that we now have the network in place and lots of ideas developing for using this, it seems like the obvious thing to do and focus is a good thing!

I plan to bring along a few LoRaWAN modules next week and to go through the basics of configuring them to use the network. From there we can maybe think about an initial simple application or two to get us started.



Yes, sounds interesting so will try to get along, @9600

What time are you getting there, @9600? I’ll arrive a similar time, as I need to return the wireless doorbell before anyone tries it! I couldn’t open the front door when I came to borrow that tonight.

Should be at the space by 18:20 or so, @RoboGuy. I need to pick up my keys from @Freddie about 18:00 and then will nip into the Coop before heading to the space.

OK, I’ll try to get down as soon as I can, @9600 . May have to phone you/ the space to let me in if my key still doesn’t work.