Things Network meet-up, May / June / July

There was due to be a Things Network meet-up tomorrow and I’d intended to plan something for this, but not managed to get round to doing so and therefore removed it from the calendar.

Will see about organising something for June, but looks as though I’ll be away 2nd and 3rd Tuesday, so the next meet-up may end up being in July.

Suggestions welcome, whether an offer to give a talk or host some sort of workshop or other activity, else a request for someone else to.

Hi @9600, I missed your above message until just now. I’ll put a ‘watch’ on this thread now.
At the next meeting, I’d like to discuss LoRaWAN range expectations and experiences. I’ve had awesome line of sight range, but poor urban range. I don’t know if raised antenna height, and / or more gateways are needed to help the urban use case.

Argh, apologies if you heading down only to find nobody there :frowning:

Sounds good and will look to get something pencilled in soon. Away a bit in June and so it could have to be a Monday or Thursday, if that works?

No its OK, it wasn’t in my calendar :slight_smile: . I’d forgotten about it to be honest. I can do Monday and Thursday, but not in any particular rush…