This Weds (18th Nov) evening

I plan to be down the space this Wed from 19:00 until 21:00 or so, to unlock for the open evening and possibly a spot of tinkering in preparation for the noise orchestra on Saturday. Perhaps going for a pint at the Old Gate afterwards.

Sounds good. See you then.

Can’t make this Wed, but will see you at the weekend & I’ll be down for something next week. Looking forward to some noisy fun on Saturday . . .

Excellent - maybe we make some provisional noises? I’ll bring some cables etc too (and a earthcodes glove) and whatever else seems appropriate. @dxhales - we need to rig a cable for your portable amp/speaker.

@breakingthings ah yes - for the earth battery element of the earth code gloves. was anyone wanting to make or repair a glove for the weekend? saturday afternoon workshopping for that?

hi folks, i plan to be down tomorrow evening, working on sound system.

@9600 suggested I rig up one of my robots to a contact mic - or set it going in circles? That doesn’t mean a lot to me yet, but hopefully it’ll be come clear on Saturday . . .
Confused of Heptonstall

@RoboGuy - should be very simple to do - I have some thin cable that will be good for this (less weight to drag around)

Morning all,

Sorry, a slightly busy time at work. Dropped off the face of the earth to a couple of other organisations I work with too.

I won’t be there at 7 though I am going to drop by.

hi folks, i,m going down tonight 7.30 to 9.30pm. M

Hi Martin, won’t be down tonight as I was down last night for the electronics meet-up and to work on the door project with @sky, but plan to be down again tomorrow night for @treb0r’s All Things Open.