Thursday Evening 15/10

In a change to the published (Open Source Computing for Beginners) event, I will instead be doing an informal Ubuntu install session at the space in Hebble End between 6.30 and 8.30 this evening.

If you have a laptop or other portable computer that you would like a hand to install Ubuntu on, please bring it down.

The install process will wipe the hard drive of your computer so please make sure you have backups of any files that you would like to keep.

If anyone is interested, I will run the the open source computing for beginners workshop in the new year.

I’ll be there tonight with my wipeable laptop. Need to leave early for another meeting though. There’s milk in the fridge.

Great, see you later then. I’m hoping Martin will be coming along too.

Well that was fun. Three laptops installed and configured. @RoboGuy I managed to get your screen working properly.

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Thanks very much, @treb0r. I look forward to joining the brave new world of Linux, along with all the other beardie nerds . . . .