Tonight - Transformers, Mass Spectrometry and Risk Assessments

Hi All,

I’m aiming to get to BR about 19:45 Hrs and will bring a few toys. It would be good to have a bit of a practical session, if you have any old transformers (I have a couple) we could have a go at rigging them up with a signal generator it should not be too shocking!!!

We can run through some basic transformer theory and have a think about making an arc furnace, watch a few videos for inspiration and have a go with some of my electrucution machines :bulb: they are all PAT 'ested :smile:

Risk assements… maybe we should have a go at writing some of those for basic tasks like soldering, bunsen burners? or taking hands free voltage readings. It would be a good idea.

Also mass spectrometer update and general discussion regarding future scientific endevours.

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Still in work, but aiming to be there for 19:30 or so!

See you there by 7:45. Looking forward to building on my ‘O’ level physics education, & even less in chemistry!

Here’s @Giles demonstrating an electro-ray thingummy tonight. He’s even created a risk assessment form & printed off a few copies . . . . a promising start to the monthly fun science thread Giles plans to run - 3rd Tuesday each month. We also talked about converting a microwave into something for melting metal . . .
Shame the forum doesn’t allow me to upload a video . . .