TravelHack at ODI Leeds

Just received this message via email - @Caz and I went to the FloodHack there about a year ago . . . .

We are thrilled to reveal our next open innovation event - #TravelHack. Collaborating with Transport for the North, we are helping them define an open transport data strategy for their ambitious plan to make it easier for passengers to travel seamlessly using their preferred payment method, confident that they have paid the cheapest possible on-the-day fare for their journey. Similar to travelling on the London transport system using contactless bank cards or a pre-paid Oyster card but across The North.

Creating an open transport strategy
Similar to our work with Defra, we will be holding two events for #TravelHack - an open meeting to establish who is or wants to be involved and what questions we need to ask, followed by a day-long open innovation workshop (currently planned for 20 June).

We invite anyone with an interest in transport and data to join us as we try to create an open environment for the future of transport across the North. Read more on our blog: