Twitter Bot Python

Well, I made my twitter bot. I can post the python source, if anybody is interested (and promises not to laugh at any rookie mistakes!

It does a search for pro or anti EU hashtags, removes any duplicate and previously used users, then searches each remaining user’s last 20 tweets and if 3 of them have the hashtags in, it adds them to the tweeting list.

It then takes one user from the pro and anti lists and sends them a message asking them to get together.

Unfortunately, it seems to have violated the Twitter API’s T&Cs so they’ve suspended the write privileges. (scuppering the whole thing!)

Shame, as I worked quite hard on it, and really liked the idea. I got 5 replies, none negative, most amused.


Got it working now by the way, by using the subprocess module and the twidge API (untill twitter catch on!)

I don’t do twitter, but very commendable @Shirtboy. If only I had more time . . . .

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This sounds excellent.

I’ve also been messing around with twitter and python. Also got banned.

And with matching people with different political opinions. Using python but not twitter.

I’d be very interested in having a chat about the python part (probably more use to me than you because it’s almost impossible not to be better at programming than me) and the politics.

I’m a member of Bridge Rectifier but live in Hudds so haven’t been for ages and this could be a good kick to cycle over.


Hi Andrew, that sounds great! Can email you the source if you like? Am hoping to come this Wednesday if it’s open again?


Sorry, I didn’t log on for a few days. Assume we’re open next Wed at least - from 7pm, @Shirtboy and @a_wilson