Wednesday Evening is Open Evening

Members and non-members welcome on Wednesday Open Evenings.

Rob, Guy and I hosted last week - who can do this one 02 September from 6-8pm?

I will be going down. Exact time to be confirmed.

hope to to around on wednesday

All being well we should be kicking things off at 6pm as usual.

I’ll be there tomorrow, working on robots.

I’m at the space now if anybody fancies popping down early.

The event calendar says 6pm for tomorrow, but 7pm on some other Weds. I can’t be there for 6pm, so is anyone going early to unlock, or should we make it later?
Is Thursday still Raspberry Pi night? I thought that was being combined in @9600’s general electronics meet up? Anyway, I’m busy Thursday.

I won’t be able to get down until 7PM or just before.

Deleted my other post about tomorrow, as I think it’s better to just keep posting to this thread about Wednesdays, rather than create a brand new topic each week…

Looks like @dxhales added Thursday to the calendar, but not sure who is organising this?

I’ll aim to be there for 7pm also. Everyone, please don’t turn up earlier than that unless a key holder’s unlocking early.

think the thursday was from older discussions - sep arduino and rpi now all in one super duper electronics meetups. detected now I think.

I won’t be coming along tonight

I plan to open up this coming Weds evening, 2nd December, and to bring along a few Cuttlefish (Arduino clone) kits along to solder up for anyone who fancies trying their hand at this (special discount for BR members). Bring a laptop if you can and installing the Arduino IDE beforehand will save a bit of time.



If man flu hasn’t got the better of me, I’m planning to come along & wire up a 32 x 16 LED matrix to an Arduino to start me off programming lighting patterns/ animations.

Hi @RoboGuy - I use these little 8x8 led units

They are easy to program, no soldering is needed, and they can be daisy-chained to make larger areas. Cheap, Chinese, and take a couple of weeks to arrive. They use the MAX7219 controller chip.

This is basic unit with its 5 wire connecting cable.

This is one I use for teaching, attached to an Arduino shield (saves all that mucking around with cables that eventually break).

Forgot to mention that I can’t come today as my cold is not shifting.

Is there an RGB version of that.

Also, I am planning on coming tonight, but wont be there till around 7

Similar idea @breakingthings. This is the 16 x 32 matrix I plumped for: It’s reckoned to produce 4096 colours from an Arduino, or even more from a fast processor @sky. There’s a PDF downloadable with a lot more info. When I talked about getting into this sort of work, @9600 suggested I start with an off-the-shelf product to get my head around these things.

I’m looking forward to working with it, but as my cold’s got worse, I’m not coming down to the space tonight.

@roboguy sorry to hear that! @sky, @matt and myself were down tonight and two Cuttlefish got assembled and successfully programmed with the Arduino blink sketch. Some pretty good soldering for novices, too. Thinking next time we might have a go at:

Only kidding :smiley:

We’re planning to make a start on the RFID entry system next Tuesday. Then it will be the first of @treb0r’s All Things Open on the Thursday, so maybe we should cancel open evening next Wednesday? That is, unless someone wants to open up… I plan to be down Tues & Thurs, but not Weds.

Really enjoyed last night, thanks again for your help.

And just so you don’t order any, I ordered a bunch of breadboards for use at BR while ordering one for myself. I’m not around next week so I’ll drop them off the week after.

Ah, great stuff. I’ll look into cheap resistor and LED kits. We could also do with a few bigger sets of those small component draws to store this sort of stuff in. Some may come up if we ask around…