Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


It wasn’t me, but I quite like the idea of “swapping my diode”! I’ll be down for a catch up, but probably won’t stay long.


I can’t make it down tonight…


I can’t either. Not sure if @RoboGuy is heading down?


I can open up if I can collect keys. Is anyone available for me to collect them about 18.45? I’ll be driving in from Halifax area…


@RoboGuy @treb0r @9600
Adding specific names just in case they didn’t see my previous reply : “I can open up if I can collect keys. Is anyone available for me to collect them about 18.45? I’ll be driving in from Halifax area…”


I’ll meet you down there @paul123 at 18:45. I shan’t be staying very long, but I can lend you my keys to lock up.


Just saw this, apologies.

@paul123, do you want to get a set of your own keys cuts from @RoboGuy’s while you have them?


And I only just saw this :slight_smile: No problem.
I left when Guy did so returned the keys to him then. Next Tuesday or Wednesday I’d like to take some to get cut though.
Oh, tonight an interested visitor named Gareth came along. We hope to see him again.
And Guy showed some electroluminescent wires he had. They look really nice in the dark. Thinking of laying them into outline-drawing shapes in some windows, then switching them in sequence to create an effect.
In other news I cleaned the heatsink surfaces of that I5 processor, then realised I had no heatsink compound… maybe it will live next week ?!?


Sorry Paul I was on child minding duty last night and missed your post.

I’m away next week too so if you want to take my keys you can have them. I live near Luddendenfoot if you want to pop over and pick them up.


No problem Rob. PM sent.


Just a heads-up that I can’t make next week either. Heading off to Bologna for ORCONF (open source chip design conference). Planning to head down the week after, on Weds 12th October.


I can unlock tomorrow by 7pm, as well as for Art & Technology tonight, @treb0r, @paul123, @9600


Hi @RoboGuy, I can’t make it down tonight, sorry.

Forgot I had to go to a swimming lesson with my son…


I’ll be opening up tonight by 7pm


I’ve just got a work trip come up, so won’t be able to visit for a couple of Wednesday’s…


Enjoy! Currently on a train hurtling towards Milan and it’s positively summer outside! Should have been in Bologna this morning, but a delayed train meant a missed connection which was a night train.

Still hoping to get down to the space next Weds evening, 12th.


Will be heading down to the space tonight for just before 7PM. I plan to bring along an Arduino with a LoRaWAN shield to see if I can use it to send data up to the Internet via The Things Network, and then down from the Internet to the Arduino.


I’ll be there too, @9600 . Got some challenges re Lamplighter Festival project to think through - how to configure various lengths of electroluminescent wire now that it’s all going to be outdoors, and they want an illumination sequence programmed into the images. Met the primary school teacher this morning, & need to decide a few things quick . . . .


I’ll be along to unlock the space tonight by 7pm. Just spent the afternoon watching a class of primary school children making string drawings for me to transcribe in electroluminescent wire for Todmorden Lamplighter Festival. Now to order all the kit . . .


I’ll be down to unlock by 7pm tomorrow. Hope a few others can join me?

Will be planning out my Lamplighter project with electroluminescent wire. If my Arduino shield arrives, I’ll be soldering that.