Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I am in today and will open up BR this eve :slight_smile:


Thanks, @kel, I can’t get along tonight as we’ve got visitors staying.


Can’t get along tonight, but assume someone’s opening up. Been there this afternoon, giving Ben a refresher on laser-cutting, so that he can come along at times to suit; Tomorrow, I’m meeting 2 recent recruits, studio-holders at Hebble End, to get them started with laser-cutting. Hopefully, we’ll get increased activity.


Yep - I’ll open up :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re helping them, hope it all goes well!

I’ll keep working on getting more folk along, at least one of the folk from Synth Club who is new to HE/BR will be joining :slight_smile:


I’ll open up by 7pm tonight


I can’t get along tonight, but had a useful session there this afternoon giving a laser-cutting refresher to a recent recruit, Hope someone else can open up.


Yep - I’ll be there!


I am here, sorry not been able to post before, crazy busy at the moment!! But BR is open :slight_smile:


I’ll be along to open up by 7pm tonight


Forgot to update this earlier, but I’ll be along to unlock by 7pm tonight


I’m not feeling great today, so won’t be along tonight. I know @MattHowarth and @PatDevine won’t be along either, so not sure if anyone else is opening up?


I can’t be there this Wed, and nor can @MattHowarth or @PatDevine. I believe @RichardC is going to liaise with @Picus to ensure at least 1 person proficient with laser cutting will be available to help new members. I believe Jo will be coming along. I don’t know whether Danni or Kevin are planning to come this week. Obviously, it’ll be good for new members if a few people are around to have a chat with.

I responded to a post on the website, inviting Debs to visit 1 Wednesday, instead of waiting for another laser-cutting intro day. I’ve arranged to meet her on Wed 23rd Jan. I also responded to an email request to come along on Wed 6th Feb, and agreed to meet Jennifer and John then.


I’ll be there tonight :smile:


I’ll be unlocking by 7pm tonight, as I’m meeting someone who wants to learn laser-cutting.


I will be about tonight, should get there for 7 :smile:


Thanks, @Giles. I’ll unlock next Wed, as I’m meeting a couple from Bradford who are setting up a hackerspace there & want to discuss lessons learnt, potential for shared activities, . . .


I’m not there this Wed, so hope someone else can unlock.


I’m unlocking by 7pm tonight.


Pat’s opened up tonight. I’ll be along shortly. We can talk about the planning application after our landlord held a meeting yesterday.


I can’t get there tomorrow night (going to HRTC Annual Town Meeting instead - maybe useful networking?), but will open up on Wed 13th March.