What is it that we do? What do you want to happen?

We need to start developing a calendar of activities and to start publicising what it is that we do and when these things happen. This is a conversation about those things.

I will be hosting a workshop artist Martin Howse between 9th 10th and 11th October.
I’m proposing that this event will be free of charge to Bridge Rectifier members. ( excluding materials which may need purchasing). Other participants will be asked to make donations to Bridge Rectifier. Costs of the workshop will be borne by me.

Will it be OK for the workshop to run at the hackerspace? Im not aware of any other events in our calendar?

It’s OK with me. Sounds like a good use of the space to me.

It’s fine by me and I just wish I could make it along myself. Would really love to take part, but will be at CERN for an open source chip design conference.

Fine by me. Will try to come for at least one session.

The calendar is becoming populated with events for the autumn. It is live on the website and I’ve linked to it on the facebook page.

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The workshop’s fine by me & I plan to come along.

I think this is a great idea and would prove a great way to gain some traction with the public/creative community. More than happy to do what I can to help promote it.

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