When is anyone next in?

Hi folks,

When is anyone next down letting out some of the magic smoke?

I’ll be down this coming Tuesday, along with a few others I hope, for the inaugural Arduino meet-up. Which is likely to be fairly informal.

Awesome. I’ll pop down with the lappy. See what’s going on. Need to get this membership sorted - I could do with some workshop space!

I’m sure I’ve got a couple of Arduino boards from the 1970s. Maybe someone can make use of them. I wonder where they are…

Excellent, look forward to welcoming another member onboard and plenty of workshop space for electronical tinkerings :smile:

I think this will become more of a meet-up for people with an interest in wider electronics. Be good to find out more tomorrow about what people are doing and want to do in this respect!

Agreed, having some premises has the potential to completely change the scope of what you can achieve as a group now.

See you on the marrow!

Please email membership@bridgerectifier.org.uk & we’ll get you set up ASAP. Carolyn collects membership details, and I issue an invoice, if needed - some choose to pay 12 months’ subscriptions at once. Our bank details are shown on the Donations page, but we need to collect your details to match up against. Hope to see you soon.