Wiki access (and laser cutting)

Could I request that all members get access to the wiki? Having to ask separately seems a little unnecessary given a wikis intended purpose. This caused issues for me as people couldn’t get things onto the wiki last week (or maybe the week before?) as they didn’t have access, and so I didn’t have the laser-cutter intro slides or manual yesterday.

Further, the captcha on the “request access” link from the wiki is buggered, so I can’t even though I want to!

Re: laser cutting: I’ve also come across a number of links/packages which might be of interest to other members, or people visiting for the open day coming up. I’m happy to put the bits up that I’ve come across as soon as I get access to the wiki. Would someone be able to put up the slides and manual?

Hi @Freddie, the wiki is public and there are no private areas.

Homepage --> Tools and equipment --> Laser cutter.

You only need access setting up to edit it. If someone wants to implement some form of single sign-on or take on the job of creating accounts for all new members, I’d be all for this. Personally, I’m somewhat time poor.

This worked fine when I just tried and entered a sufficiently long bio in addition to the answer to the 2+2 captcha. Maybe we’ve got some sort of browser related bug? I’m using Firefox on Linux.

I didn’t get a notification e-mail, so that needs looking at… Ideally we wouldn’t need to confirm accounts, but my experience has previously been that without this you get seriously spammed.

Thanks for getting back to me and pointing me at the links to the laser cutter info. I’ll have a browse.

Regarding just my own wiki signup for now: I hadn’t given a long enough bio initially, and on the refreshed “request access” page the “captcha” was “How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck can chuck wood?”. I have no idea how to answer that. Perhaps I’m a robot?!

For universal group wiki access: I completely agree that accounts shouldn’t be given out willy nilly, but I would have thought (hoped?) that group members should be safe enough. I’ve no idea what the process of approving a wiki account entails, but I’m assuming it’s not that arduous. As such, I’d be happy to help out (although I might need a wiki account to do that…).

Thanks again.

That’s a pretty insane captcha question… I’ve no idea either!

Just received an e-mail notifying me of your request and approved your account.

Let’s discuss account creation/management etc. next time we’re both down at the space. Help with some of this admin stuff would be much appreciated!