Winter break is over!

Hello all,

I’m not sure quite why (though I think living on a boat drives the agenda during the cold weather with the need to get home and make sure the fire is still in after work each evening) but I haven’t had much time to do anything recently. It feels like ages but it’s probably only about 6 weeks really!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I hadn’t dropped off the face of the earth and I’ll see you again soon enough! It looks like there’s an open evening tomorrow and I might drop in socially to remember where it is and to see if there are any plans/works in need of actioning. Need to catch up on things like the RFID entry and what have you. Probably on beer too.

The days are getting longer and that cheers me up! Hebden Bridge is a brilliant place to be in the sunshine.


Hi @WetEmoFish. Yes, there’s an open evening tomorrow. A few of us may be talking about a book we’re supposed to have been reading, though personally I keep forgetting!

@9600 is kicking off work to develop an exciting pilot proect for flood warning. It comprises a base station with aerial & 1 or more battery-operated flood sensors. The idea is to trial the tech before expanding the number of sensors & base stations. We plan to use some funding from Calderdale Council.

See you tomorrow.

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Hi @RoboGuy, thanks. I saw the flood thing - I remember the Oxford Flood Network at Wuthering Bytes a couple of years ago and wanted to get involved with something like that - It’s a brilliant idea, especially if you can use that TV whitespace malarky too. Does sound like this project has some community support too.

I’ll head down straight from work (Barnsley) so - Elland Bridge permitting will probably be there a little after 1900.

Take care all!

Glad to hear that you are emerging from hibernation, @WetEmoFish.

I’m not going to make it down to the space this evening, as heading to London for an OSHUG workshop and talks tomorrow.

Will be along next Weds, though, for The Things Network & LoRaWAN @ All Things Open. Followed by beer, I imagine…