Would you consider hosting a HacktionLab weekend?

Hi there,

I wanted to ask if you would consider hosting at HacktionLab weekend at the space or help us find somewhere in Hebden Bridge.
I moved here a while ago but have struggled to find time to get involved but doing this would be a great way for me to get involved in your activities and I think it would be a nice meeting of minds.

Have a look out our previous events here. http://hacktionlab.org -
We usually do a summer and autumn / winter event.

nice one

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Hi Mick, no one here can speak for everyone, but personally speaking - I’d like to see this happen and I’m pretty sure there are values here that are shared. Do you think you could make it down to an open evening to talk it over? It would be good to meet - but let’s see what everyone else has to say here on the forum if you’re time-poor currently.


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Ok Great thanks for the positive initial response.

I’m going to struggle to make it to a Wednesday night meet up. I’ve just had a kid and have started a new job. But I’d like to try to come to at least one thing at the Bytes events.

But for sure if there is more information that we should let you know about what we’d be wanting to do I and other organisers would be really happy to share here on email.

nice one

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Hi Mick,

We met at the Madlab previously - you got me to write a WordPress chapter for a floss manual I think :wink:

Really like the look of what you are doing!

I can always meet up with you at the space for a chat if you let me know when would be convenient.


Hi Rob,

I remember that and bending your ear at the Trades also,

I’ve also met Martin and Gareth as well so I’m not a total stranger.

Coming to see the space one night and for a quick chat would be great as I have to be quite responsive.

I can make tonight or next Monday?
Can you ping me an email so we can exchange contacts?

nice one

Hi there,

Mike did this write up recently


there’s a note in the calendar about meeting up tonight - who is going to be there?

this meet is rescheduled.

Hi @mickfuzz - good to meet you at ATC’s Make: Shift: Do event today. I look forward to you getting together with @treb0r & organizing some workshops at Bridge Rectifier. To join our group, email membership@bridgerectifier.org.uk & we’ll set things in motion with a form from @Caz. Our bank details are on the Donations page. See you soon.

Hi there, likewise @RoboGuy. I was explaining to you that I’m finding it tricky to meet up in person and suggested that we try to move things forward on this message board. I said I would try to get a proposal together.

It sounds like the space would be ok for a meet of 10-15 people if we brought in electric space heaters.
I’m happy to join up and we’ll pay a fee for the weekend too to support the space.
How is the Internet connection down there. We don’t need anything too special but just wanted to check.
Anything else we should know?

nice one

Internet speed’s tolerable, not wizzy - maybe about 6 mbps @treb0r ?

Ok sounds good.
We also now have a proposed date of the 5-6 December.

Sounds good to me, I don’t think we have anything else going on then.

Yes, it’s average, we can’t get Fibre down there yet, but it should be fine for this.

Ok that’s great. Now it would be great to get some advice on accommodation. We are looking at trying to find space for about 10 people.

I was hoping to get help from Nutclough or direct people to the hostel. But it seems that the hostel will be shut that weekend.

Do you guys know of any options that are one up from a concrete floor but down from an air b and b solution which might be a bit pricey.

Many be a camping barn or community centre?
nice one

Hi All, I’m adelayde, also involved in HacktionLab. The dates we’ve come up with for the weekend are 5th and 6th of December. We’re keen to see if it’s feasible up there and as Mick says the main ‘concern’ is accomodation. I don’t know Hebden Bridge but wondered if there was a church or community hall in the area that we may be able to hire - we have funds to do so if it’s not too high in price.

We’re very excited about the opportunity of coming there and doing this and meeting you all, making some new contacts, and also doing a HacktionLab somewhere a little different from the inner cities where we’re oft found.

Any ideas anyone?


What about this? anyone know it? http://www.heightgate.org.uk/

Perfect Mick, let’s do it!

Yes, that’s the place used by the local Woodcraft folk. It’s in a great location below Stoodley Pike.

One of our hacktionlabbers, John checked with the hostal and that may still be open too. so a couple of options there.

So all is looking good. We’ll start to get some publicity together this weekend.