Wuthering Bytes 2016

See attached for an article from today’s Hebden Bridge Times.

For full details of this local event, organized by @9600, and including @Giles as 1 of the speakers, go to: http://wutheringbytes.com/
Booking is easy & surprisingly cheap, at £11.49 per day including lunch. Hope to see you there.

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I expect I will see you all there! I’m down Saturday and Sunday this year - normally, the workshops are not that useful to me after having worked in engineering all my life but the FPGA workshop seemed too interesting to resist.

I also passed information around the Air Cadet Wing about it as STEM is now working its way into the programme and it’s an ideal opportunity to get ideas and network. I’m not sure about its take-up but there is a Squadron down the road of course from BR. You might not see me but I try to do my bit! haha.