You are invited to BarnCamp 2017

We came and did an event here last winter so I thought it would be nice to invite you all to the summer one.

If you haven’t been before BarnCamp is a great event in the Wye Valley that Hacktionlab, FLOSS Manuals and Bristol Wireless are involved with organising. It is a rural, playful hack event that has it’s roots in DIY / tactical media movement and associated Free Software advocacy.

All things FLOSS related are welcome, especially those connected with creativity, coding and campaigning.

Mike, Charlie and Nor have done some seriously advanced party work in preparing a sign up site.
Check it out and sign yourselves up to next year’s event at:

I said I would make a special effort to invite practitioners who have thing of interest to kids, so please do get in touch with me if you have any questions about what to expect.