Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


Thanks, @9600. Funny how, when you’re anticipating a problem, things go swimmingly . . . .


Busy night tonight, as a few of us got to grips with the laser-cutter, & others worked on computers.


Quite clearly a case of:


Anyone planning to open up? I’ll get there for 7pm if I can, but can’t guarantee - need to circulate posters, & go to IKEA for BR’s kitchen unit etc, so busy day.


Yep, will be down to open up later.


I’ll be down later - only just home from IKEA. I need to lend my keys to @Caz


Not sure if anyone is able to open up this Wednesday and/or next?

Guy is currently away and I can’t make it down on either Wed 8th Feb or Wed 15th Feb.


Yes, I can do both this Wednesday 8th and next Wednesday 15th. I’ll update the wiki later.


Thanks, @paul123!

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hi @paul123 and @9600 I will be down there from about 18:00Hrs tonight to do some stuff!

Got the Hammond up and running yesterday with Nick, need a plastic scredriver to tune the A flat oscillator inductor apart from that it seems to work ok ish!


An “OK ish” sounding Hammond. Sounds… great :smile:

Won’t be down tonight or next week, due to work overload, but hope to be week after.


I’ll open up by 7pm tomorrow. Working with @caz on info for laser-cutting day, details of how to join BR, making signage etc. Need to check if anyone’s installed Inkscape on desktop PCs.

I’ll get to grips with wiki access & updating shortly - apologies but too busy to sort that this week.


Hiya @RoboGuy see you later I’m enroute :smile:


We’ve got a phone that works for internal calls only, and also has an answering machine. I’ve included the number on the website:

Please make a note of the number (01422 847053), so you can get in if the doorbell’s not working. That includes you, @Martin!


Hi Chaps,

I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been within 600 miles of the space recently and this has made me sad. Not that sad though because it’s very cold in there in the winter, but that’s not the point.

My work with the air cadet organisation is nearing completion and I am not taking on any new projects or Squadrons and my time with Halifax will end at the end of their financial year (31 March).

After that, I am going to return to my own Squadron with a view to concentrating on STEM projects - in particular I want Huddersfield and Mirfield to become part of a flood network scheme to add value to your own Calder Valley set up. This would give us a LoraWAN gateway in Huddersfield town centre (this would be nearer to the River Colne, really) and Mirfield (which may reach Brighouse on the route of the actual Calder). Brighouse is normally taken care of by Huddersfield’s squadron (who look after the flowers at the railway station for example). Getting people into engineering seems to be my current driving passion right now.

This is nothing new but I have been frustrated that I’ve been unable to get going on this with being a full time treasurer for Halifax being the big thing that’s getting in the way.

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me and I hope to see you all again on the 15th.


Yes, we’d wondered where you’d got to, @WetEmoFish. Look forward to seeing you there on 15th. You’ll be able to see our shiny new laser-cutter, which is proving popular - after the weekend’s first laser-cutting intro day, & a few new members signing up already.


Ah, you’re alive, thank heavens! See you on the 15th.


Hi All,

I will be about later from about 6, maybe earlier to unlock.



Haha, the absence of a bridge at Elland added around 40 minutes to getting there too which really didn’t help. It’s amazing now that it has reopened!

I can’t wait to see the laser cutter!


We’ll be happy to show you the laser-cutter tonight, @WetEmoFish. All being well, I’ll cut some fancy signage to raise our profile around Hebble End.