Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I’ll be there next week rather than this. I’ll have to miss out. Hopefully the bright weather will hold though!


I hope to come along tomorrow & open up by 7pm, though maybe won’t be able to stay very long as I’m dog sitting & will be bringing our puppy along. Are you able to come tomorrow & stay late, @Freddie & @paul123 ? If so, any idea what time you’ll arrive?


Hi @RoboGuy, I’ll be down from 7 until about 9. Look forward to meeting your dog :slight_smile:


This Wednesday I hope to be along myself unless the worst happens. However, in my presence or absence I will be dragging a colleague from work who is a bit of a tinkerer and has some interest in the laser cutter.

He doesn’t have a car at the moment (slightly eco friendly until forced otherwise) but that will change. Like me, he’s a fan of Hebden Bridge and likes the idea of having an excuse to go there. Please keep an eye out for him.


OK, we’ll look out for you both, @WetEmoFish. Hope to do some signage . . . .


I’ll open up for 7pm tomorrow. Maybe you can showme how to get on the wiki, @paul123


Hi @RoboGuy, yes let’s give it a go. I should be there just after 7 too, cheers.


I’m not going to be able to make it down, sadly. Will be in next week to secure the safe to the wall.


I can’t make next Wednesday, as I’m giving a presentation to Superposition in Leeds, including about BR, responding to floods etc . . .


Hi @RoboGuy, I will be in this Wednesday, shame it clashes with the Superposition event I would have liked to have gone to that.

I have temporarily setup an HPLC system on a bench, it can obviously move at short notice I just wanted to test it out and that was the only free space without moving a PC.

There is also a dare I say ‘Windowz XP’ machine setup on the radio desk for controlling the HPLC anyone can use it if they so desire, or if that space is reserved I can shift it. I can put Inkscape on it no problemo.


I will aim to get in for about 6:32 ish and can unclock :atom:


I’m not going to get there tonight, but I had a suggestion back from HPC Laser about our intermittent problem loading/ displaying DXF files. When exporting SVG as DXF, they suggested saving as R13 instead of R14 format. If anyone’s laser-cutting tonight, maybe you could try that, @caz, @Freddie, @sallyjbarker ? Thanks


thanks - I know I havent made the last two. I’m weighing it all up really . I need to get to grips with the software at home still , but I am still v interested in laser cutting/ engraving onto different surfaces. slate, glass would be great to etch drawings onto


I keep meaning to bring some glass in to have a go with. A set of cheap, plain coasters would seem ideal.


I’ve borrowed the contour map & wooden box made by @Freddie to take along to a presentation at the town hall on Wednesday night, in case you wonder where they’ve gone. I’ll also pop in & take the big red arrow sign down to show as well. Hopefully return them late Wed eve.


I’m opening up tonight, as listed on wiki page - by 7pm


I’ll open up by 7pm tomorrow


Bet me to it! :slight_smile: Updated the wiki.

Will also be down around 7PM or just before.


I’ll be opening up tomorrow at 7PM or just before. Wiki updated.


Hi All, I can open up today at just before 7PM :smile: