Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I’ll be along to unlock tonight by 7pm. I’ll bring some milk, which can now be left in our ‘new’ fridge.


I’ll open up tonight by 7pm. We’ve got a new member coming along, who’s interested in laser-cutting - welcome Emma.


Five of us down there tonight including a couple of potential new members, Netty and Jenny :smile:


Hello chaps, I know I often go quiet but I do get a bit distracted with work. My time with the air cadets has now come to an end now and I’m just little old treasurer at Mirfield again now.

I have been designing a new control panel for my boat. I am okay with Solidworks but I don’t have a legitimate licence for that so I’ve been trying one of the free offerings on the Mac (also on Windows and Linux) which has severely delayed my progress! I’ve found them so hard to use. To do this I am likely to get some acrylic of my own (matt black infilled with white enamel will match the rest of the boat) so I’m happy to add additional things to that order if anyone thinks other materials might be handy.

I’ll see everyone on Wednesday at some point. If people want to play and experiment at my expense with some different materials they should get involved with this! It couldn’t be more expensive than getting someone else to make one!


Sorry not to be able to make it down again and won’t be able to next week either, but will plan to open up the week after (28th June) and hope to see folks then.


Unfortunately I can’t be there tonight or next Wednesday. I’m aware that the open studio weekend is fast approaching though, you can put me down for either the 8th or the 9th.


Hi @emma, do you have a set of keys for opening up? (couldn’t recall)


@9600 The 2 inner doors yes, but not the outer door/gate.


Ah, OK. Wasn’t sure if you meant to open up. I’m down for opening up this coming Wed, 28th June.


Not sure if anyone is planning to open up tonight? @Giles? @Caz?

I won’t be able to make it down, sadly. Hope to next week. I think @RoboGuy is away and believe that @paul123 may not be able to make it either.


No, I’m around, @9600. I’ll be opening up by 7pm, and am looking forward to testing laser-cutting on leather with Ro (Rowan), who works with Geoff in the mill. When I showed her internet images of a ‘living hinge’ cylindrical lampshade, she mentioned having made leather lampshades . . . .


Hi @RoboGuy @9600 I will be about, see you later Guy :smile:


Ah, great to hear! Just wanted to check that someone was able to open up.

Look forward to seeing folks next week!


I plan to open up tomorrow night at just before 7PM. Hope to see folks down there :slight_smile:


I’ll be along for 6pm, @9600, as I’m meeting Ro to test laser-cutting on leather, but may not stay late


Is anyone planning to open up tonight, @paul123, @Caz, @Martin, @Giles, @9600? I’d prefer not to, as I’ve suffering from a cold.


I’ve just opened up. Didn’t know whether I’d make it back from Northants in time, but managed to.


I’m in Ghana playing mass spectrometers till 5th August, catch up when I’m back.

Get well soon @RoboGuy


Thanks, @9600. Enjoy your African adventure, @Giles


I’ll be along to open up tonight by 7pm