Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


Hi @RoboGuy see you later :slight_smile:


I’ll be along to open up by 7pm tonight. Hope to see a few there . . .


His @RoboGuy I have to do some boring work tonight… not going to make it. Catch up again soon.

Cheers Giles :atom:


I plan to open up this Wednesday.

Anyone else planning to head down?


I’ll be there. @emma and I are happy to organize another laser-cutting intro, but are waiting for a response from @Caz. Will be able to discuss with our visitor.


I’ll be there this week.


I’ll be along to open up by 7pm tonight


I can’t make it down tonight, but not sure if @Giles or @Martin are likely to be opening up? I’m also away next week.


Found Craig from Norwich hackerspace on the doorstep. He’s up for Wuthering Bytes and thought he’d drop in. I don’t have a gate key and only Guy’s phone number, so chatted with him for a while until we both gave up.


Sorry about that, @emma. We need more people opening up regularly, as it’s mostly just 3 of us at the moment. We’ll have to sort you out with external keys as a starter.


Is anyone available to open up next Wednesday? I can’t be there, and I don’t think @9600 or @emma can. We’ve promised to open up at least once a week, so it would be good if @Martin, @Caz, @paul123 or @Giles could help out at least this week. Thanks


Hi Guy, yes I’ll open up the 13th, no problem. It’s been a while, I know. I’ll try to get back into the habit of it :flushed:


Hi All, Really sorry for not being about recently, I’m off to Kenya this Wednesday for a couple of weeks but will be back asap.



I can make it this Wednesday.


I’m not able to open up next Wed (20th Sept), but can the week after and have updated the wiki.

Would be good if we could get back into the habit of using this, so as to avoid people turning up only to find the place locked up. Also if folks want to add in dates where they opened up, but didn’t update the wiki, that helps us in striving towards not letting it default to the same person(s).


Emma’s opening up tomorrow by 7pm, and I’ll lock up later. Wiki updated


Ah, great!

Now looking like I might not be able to open up on 27th, on account of a deadline for a proposal being Friday 29th and a very good chance it will eat every evening in the lead up next week. Will post here by the end of this week once I know better and to give a bit of notice if this looks to be the case.


Hi there, I have been making some progress and have had a couple of meetings with Pennine Heritage about their E-Trails.
See this thread for past info - Digital Storytelling and Making

Can I propose to make this subject of one open evening?

In short, there is some great material created and accessible via an app here:

They are keen to get some more funding to do a next generation of trails. But would be keen to explore some of the following:

  • allow the contents to be accessed via the web (for those that prefer to plan in a comfortable chair)
  • how to make the creation of the E-Trails a living process so volunteers can create and upload new trails to the app (they can’t at the moment)
  • explore ways of involving family learning in the process, maybe incorporate some treasure hunt / geocaching into it

I know they would really appreciate some advice about how best to do this.

If there is general agreement that we could do this it would be great to find out if there are some particular people we think would be interested in attending so I could invite them directly.



Hi Mick,

We don’t have topics for open evenings, as they are meant to be informal and people come and go at various points, so it’s not practical to schedule things. However, this sounds like a great idea for another evening dedicated to the topic.




Apologies, as I’m not going to be able to open up this Wednesday evening. Have updated the wiki and will open up next week.

@paul123, @Caz, @RoboGuy, don’t suppose any of you can open up?