Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


OK, I’ll open up this Wednesday by 7pm, @9600


Thanks, Guy! Will hopefully be able to make it along to a few evenings once this work is out of the way.


I’ll open up again this Wednesday by 7pm


I’ll open up Wednesday 18th October, close to 7pm. I’ll update the wiki later…


I’m down to @RoboGuy and I can for once! :smiley:


Don’t worry, @9600, feel free to open up tomorrow. I updated this thread before seeing your wiki entry. I’ll be along tomorrow anyway.


See you all later :slight_smile:


I’m not going to make it tonight, but can open up next week (11th).


Thanks for offering to open next week, @emma, because I can’t make next week & I don’r think @9600 can. I’ve updated the wiki to show you’re opening next week.


I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it tonight (18th).


I’ll open up tonight by 7pm - I need to laser cut some artwork for enter in a local exhibition


I can’t make it along tomorrow - I don’t know whether anyone else is able to go & open up?


Sorry, I can’t do tonight either. I can open up next week though (1st Nov).


I’ll open up this Wednesday by 7pm. Hope the corridor access door opens properly again by then . … .


I’ll be there tomorrow too (& have cut down on cakes to ensure entry). Can’t make the 15th Nov though.


The doorway blockage has gone today, @emma - lucky, as I had pie for dinner!


I’ll open up again on Wednesday by 7pm.


I can’t open up tomorrow as I’m going to a meeting elsewhere. Not sure if @emma or @9600 will be there, or if @caz, @Martin, @paul123, @Giles will take a turn?


Hi @RoboGuy, I will be about and can open up no problem. Apologies for not being about recently various jobs et cetera have unfortunatly taken my time recently.


Thanks, @Giles. Nick has now joined & comes regularly, but may not check the forum. So, it’s good to know that nobody’s going to be waiting outside.