Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I’m going to miss another open evening sadly. Work I need to get done tonight.

Really hoping to get down next week — it’s been too long!


I can open up this Wednesday (29th).


Thanks, @emma. I’m going to the theatre this Wednesday, so can’t get along.


I’ll open up by 7pm tonight


Thanks Guy. Afraid I’m not going to be able to make it tonight, and next week is not looking too promising either. I’ve got the xmas social on the 20th in my diary though, catch up with you then.


As @emma and I can’t make next week, I don’t know whether any of the other directors will take a turn to open up - @Martin, @Caz, @paul123, @Giles, @9600?

Currently, there are only 2 of us up for a xmas social on 20th Dec, which is disappointing. We’ll go ahead if a few more people want to join us.

I assume the space will be closed on Wed 27th Dec - unless anyone tells me differently before I remove it from the public calendar?


Hi All, I will be there in spirit again… Im in Karachi got 3 mass specs to install and lots of curry to eat… social sounds good I will be about :smile:


Wed 13th not looking good for me, I’m afraid.


I’m opening up tonight by 7pm. We’re expecting a new member, Richard from Todmorden, who’s interested in prototyping laser-cut pieces as a potential business.

I can’t open up next week as I’m at a meeting elsewhere - can someone else?


@RoboGuy Afraid I’m not going to make it tonight, but I can open up next week (10th Jan).


Thanks, @emma, I’ve updated the wiki to show you’re opening next week. Rich will probably be along to continue his laser-cutting familiarisation/ testing; luckily, he’s already familiar with various software.


Hi @emma I should be in for a bit later :smile:


I’ll open up by 7pm this Wednesday, 17th Jan


Living locally, I can open up tonight if people really want to come, but others may have problems if the weather closes in again. So, let me know if you’re still coming @RichardC and @emma. Otherwise, I’ll stay indoors myself too . . .


@RoboGuy Think I’d rather stay in the warm tonight than chance it with the weather.


I won’t be able to open up tonight (24th) as I have to work late.


I won’t be able to open up tonight either, @emma. Any chance of @giles or 1 of the other directors opening?


I’m working late tonight and will not be able to make it. Next week I will be free and can open up then.


Not sure if @Giles is still opening up tonight? I’ll be along too . . . .


I’m aiming to get there at 7 ish :smile: