Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I can’t make it down tonight - need to study our architect’s plans & the wife’s cooked pie . . . Next Wed being Valentine’s Day, I can’t make it then either - the wife expects! Not sure if @emma, @giles or someone else is opening up?


I can open up for singles night at BR this week.


If anyone finds 3 small metal usb sticks on a lanyard in or around BR, they are mine :frowning:


I’ll open up tomorrow by 7pm, & I’ll be on the lookout for stray USB sticks, @emma


Due to the picturesque weather conditions I’ll not be venturing out over the moors to BR this evening.

P.S. @RoboGuy, I found my USBs :slight_smile:


I shan’t be venturing out tonight either, @emma. I’ve got a serious lurgy & can’t imagine being inundated by members visiting BR tonight anyway. Glad you found your USBs.


Hope you feel better soon.


I’m not going to make it tonight as I have to work.


OK, see you soon, @emma. I’m opening up tonight by 7pm.

I’m meeting an artist from Artsmill there tonight, who’s interested in BR hosting a couple of 3D printers for him, as Steve’s own studio’s currently too dusty with woodworking projects.


I’ll open up again tonight by 7pm.

It would be nice to see some of the other directors there sometimes, as well as other members, even if people aren’t able to get there early enough to open up. Where is everybody?!


I’ll be down tonight Guy, I’ll be bringing a couple of bits I’ve nearly finished, would be great to get your feedback on!


Hi Guy, sorry to miss last night. I’m in today day, doing some tidying and going to take a load of old paint/junk to the recycling centre. Catch up sooooooooooooon!


Thanks, @Giles. Last night, @Martin popped in & said he’s planning to shift lots of redundant kit out of the main space into the lobby area with a view to giving people notice to claim stuff or lose it. This is about tidying the main space, more than the outer lobby.


I was therI was there for a few hours today got tied up with other stuff! But will be in first thing in the morning tomorrow to take a car load to recycle :smile:


Hi All, I will be in tonight to unlock about 19:00 Hrs :slight_smile:


Thanks Giles. I’m working the next couple Wednesdays, but can open up on the 4th April.


OK, @Giles, you beat me to it! I’m coming along tonight to meet new member, Matt, but the more the merrier. For info, I’m not around next week.


Martin deserves a medal for his heroic work. Lots utterly fantastic in here now!


Oh, @RichardC, looking forward to seeing what @Martin has done. Many thanks.


Just a reminder that I’m not around this week, and nor is @emma. So, would 1 of the other directors please open up on Wednesday evening.