Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


Hi all, I will be in for 19:00 Hrs to open up :smile:


Sorry going to be about 30 mind late…


Hi All, will not be able to make it tonight, I’m sure someone else will be in to open up!


Heading over in a bit.


I’m not sure if I’m going to get down there tonight - need to work on BR’s annual accounts ahead of a session tomorrow with my accountant friend for final advice.


I’ll be there this evening, heading down for 7ish


Please remind me, @RichardC, have you got keys to open up the building, as well as BR’s space?


@RoboGuy no I don’t, but I’m in now with Steve really need to get it done in the next couple of weeks!


I can’t make it down tonight, so hope someone else is opening up?


@picus has offered to open up by 7pm tonight. Some people are having a discussion about accommodating a CNC router in BR’s outer area.


Apologies, but I can’t get along this Wednesday. I’ll plan to open up Wed 2nd May by 7pm.


I can be there this Wednesday.

Does anyone know where the scrolling sign that used to go near the front door for open nights disappeared to?


I was in there at the weekend, showing a couple of friends around. I believe I put it back on the window ledge near the laser-cutter, @picus. That’s where it’s normally left - we used to switch it on to point out of the window, but other than around Fountain St, it’s difficult to attract outside attention.

We’re planning for an electrician to visit next week to: fix the main corridor lights for the landlord, fix BR’s outer lobby lights, and hopefully fit a “garage unit” and meter in the outer lobby. The latter would provide 1 circuit for lights, & another for sockets, but details tbc.