Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I’ll unlock by 7pm this Wednesday.


I’ll be along to unlock by 7pm tonight


I’ll unlock the building tomorrow by 7pm, and @MattHowarth will unlock BR’s space, then I can retrieve my keys.


I’ll unlock again by 7pm tonight


I can’t get along this Wednesday, so hope someone else can unlock?


I’ll open up Wednesday night. 7pm, or as soon as I can after…


I’m not sure whether I’ll get along tonight - had a long session on BR accounting last night with @paul123, and have got a lot of other stuff on currently. Is anyone else able to open up?


I’ll open up this week.


I’ll open up by 7pm tonight, & try to tidy up a bit ahead of Saturday’s laser-cutting day.


I’ll be there in 30 min :smile:


I can’t get along this Wednesday, but I know Pat’s planning to be there


I’ll be opening up this Wednesday by 7pm.


I can’t make next Wednesday. I’d be grateful if someone would post here to confirm you’re happy to open up by 7pm.

Our website frontpage now reminds people that we’re open 7 - 9pm on Wednesdays, as does the Hebweb event post for the 27th October laser-cutting intro. So, it’s important that between us we’re sure to open every week. Thanks.


Hi, I will open up Wednesday night. It may be just after 7pm …


I think @Giles is opening up by 7pm this Wednesday, but I’ll also be along promptly anyway as I’m showing the space to a potential new member.


I’ll open up tomorrow by 7pm. We’re learning from Andy how to re-align the laser-cutter mirrors - not before 7:30, so that we can get back to using the whole material bed again.


I can’t make it tonight - hope someone else is opening up?


Sorry missed this, I did open up and Giles turned up and we had a very nice evening indeed!!

Great to see so many folk there last night, and so many new exciting plans emerging :slight_smile:


I’m not going to make it there tonight, but I believe @picus and Pat are going, amongst others, so assume someone will unlock the space by 7pm.


Yes all good thank you - missed you last night!

Hopefully catch up next week :slight_smile: