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There’s a session tonight to introduce various types of machine - mainly via a presentation - starting 7pm

Sorry @RoboGuy, can’t get over tonight

thanks for the interesting talk @RoboGuy

IOU Theatre (Dean Clough Halifax) ran a workshop last week on making simplistic motorised drawing machines. Here’s a video explaining the method:

About 21 mins in, there’s a trial of everyone’s machines on a very long roll of paper: It’s a useful way of seeing the range of machines & results.

In case anyone wants to check it out further, I left my contraption at the hackerspace. Due to time pressures, instead of sawing, drilling & soldering as per the demo, I took a pragmatic approach to be sure of completing a working model - you can do a lot with gaffer tape . . .

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This topic’s just been renamed from “Drawing Machines”.

Can we re-schedule Tuesday 1st March session to Tuesday 8th March? Maybe Tuesday 15th March would be even better, as that’s after the ODI Leeds Flood hack event on 11-12th, which would be good to have a discussion ahead of. I’ve just been away on holiday & would like to do more prep for the session. For info, I’m flexible on days/ dates, but can’t make it down Wed 2nd, Thurs 3rd, or Thurs 10th. Any views re clashes with other sessions @9600 and @treb0r ?

@RoboGuy we have the electronics meet-up booked in for Tues 8th, so how about Tues 15th? I’d prefer to risk sitting on my own next Tuesday, in favour of the space being opened and being used a bit more…

Moving forwards we need to try and host events the same time each month, e.g. 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday etc. Makes it easier for people to plan coming along and this increases the possibility of people doing so.

Yes, @9600, I didn’t see the electronics meet up. I’m happy for Art & Technology to be Tuesday 15th March. I agree about making them same time each month - I’ll take soundings from interested parties on what days/ weeks suit best for future events.

@RoboGuy OK, updated the calendar so that the next is on Tues 15th, going back to the first Tuesday of each month from April onwards. All renamed to Art & Technology also.

An initial presentation on Art & Technology will go ahead on Tues 15th March at 7pm

@RoboGuy , I’ve added this to the blog, feel free to edit the post and add more text!

Thanks @treb0r for starting off blog post. I’ll get that updated properly for next month.

Tonight’s session will focus mainly on drawing machines, based on a wide selection of images & videos. The aim is to cover a broad range of aspects over time, according to everyone’s particular interests.

@RoboGuy best to do a fresh post for each month, that talks about any particular focus for that month, if indeed there is one. Being chronologically ordered you don’t really go back and edit them (apart from to fix errors)… Also, good to get these out a week or more in advance if possible, so that we can then circulate the link amongst other fora.

Meeting up tonight for anyone who wants to talk art & technology - starting at 7pm

Going down to the space tonight if anyone wants to come along for anything? Need to research ideas for light art proposed for Todmorden Lamplighter Festival

This weekend is Hebden Bridge Open Studios, in which I’m participating at Artsmill on Linden Road on Saturday & Sunday - see details here:

I’ve printed off a batch of Bridge Rectifier fliers, set up my LED matrix with the scrolling text banner, & will be mentioning BR to as many visitors as I can. It should help to raise the awareness, if not the membership.

I’ll also be presenting the ideas I proposed for projects involving schools at Todmorden Lamplighter Festival in November, which were sent under BR’s name - again to raise our profile.

Hi @RoboGuy, I’ll try to get down at some point and plan to head up to the festival later on. We should be joined by @monsonite and Toby — Chinese electronics market guru — too.

Had a useful day at HB Open Studios today, including 2 - 3 potential new members for Bridge Rectifier. Hebden Radio used video to do a Facebook Live thingy, where someone went all around Artsmill interviewing everyone, & showing their artwork:
My contribution is a little over 13 minutes in, where I explain my work & also plug Bridge Rectifier. Feel free to circulate more widely if you like - we need to raise awareness of what we’re doing & boost our membership.

Apologies for the late notice, but I can’t get down to the space tonight. I’ll be there tomorrow by 7pm, and am happy to arrange a session on Art & Technology when anyone wants to join in - just send me a message.

I shan’t be doing a session at the start of Sept, as I’ll be away on holiday.

Hi @RoboGuy, I forgot the name of the phone / tablet drawing app you mentioned. Can you remind me? Thanks…