Lumibots - Autonomous Droids

A few members have collaborated to produce a ‘Mytholmdroids’ installation for local light art event, Light Up The Valley. Random light trails are drawn on a luminous surface by autonomous droids. The surface reacts to UV light. The droids were build with 3D-printed parts, coffee jar lids, Arduino microprocessors, ultrasonic sensors, and UV lights.

Cool, I’ve just started getting my 3d printer back into action, what kind of models were being printed? are the STL’s around to see?

@richasel made them, so may be able to respond?

They comprise a modular frame that accommodates new pieces being clipped in when design/ robot functionality is enhanced.

Can you get along to Mytholmroyd or Hebden this weekend, and see at first hand?

The Mytholmdroids have been invited for an outing at Todmorden Lamplighter, a free event in Centre Vale Park from 6 to 9pm on Saturday, 12th February. See

Feel the force . . .

Hi there,
This would be a great project for a RJam event. We’re starting them up as monthly events in Todmorden. So perhaps you would be up for doing one on the Lumibots, or show casing them a bit in some way.
I’ve mentioned the launch event in another post here - Partner for this Project? Raspberry Jam in Todmorden
nice one

The lumibots, or ‘mytholmdroids’, use Arduino rather than Raspberry Pi. So, this would be a separate avenue to explore.