SCAVENGERS of CALDERDALE - Opening Workshop - 1st August

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Scavengers is all about up-cycling: making new things out of junk. Like Wombles*.
This session is led by Steve Summers (Noisy Toys) and Mick Chesterman (EdLab) and will focus on Un-Making electronic things and Making things that make Noise. Like Techno Wombles**.

1st August 2017
Bridge Rectifier, Hebble End, Hebden Bridge
4 – 5:30 ages 6-11 (accompanied) – book here
6 – 7:30 ages 12+ – book here

Free! Very limited spaces so prior booking highly recommended.

What will we be doing?
• Un-Making: Screwdrivers in hand we will demolish old electronic junk and scavenge any useful buts from their innards.
• Making: Find out how to easily make some Robotic Noise Instruments from freely available computer guts.
• Playing: Make your own Video Arcade Console from recycled materials to play retro games.
• Innovating: Make/experiment with anything you like!
• Noise: Have a bit of a Noise Jam to finish.

We have everything you need but feel free to bring you own tools and junk, especially computer towers- we need lots of them!

Under 12s may be accompanied by an adult but this is not required. Both workshop leaders have enhanced DBS disclosure. The workshop will involve the use of screwdrivers to take apart junk, which may be dusty and have sharp edges inside. We will supervise the activity and demonstrate safe practice but minor cuts are possible. Please do not take part in the un-making if this is a terrifying prospect for you or your child.

  • Please refer to Wikipedia if you are younger than 35
    ** Please refer to you imagination

For more information please contact

I’m letting Steve Summers in at 3pm tomorrow, and lending him most of my keys. I’ve removed the key from the laser-cutter and locked away in the radio kit cabinet - both @9600 and I have keys. I’ll replace it no later than Wednesday evening.

Sounds good. I plan to open up tomorrow evening.

Steve and Mick seemed pleased with how this first workshop went off. We’ll need to wait for them to review things and decide if/ how to progress a programme of future workshops at the space.