So Whats Occuring


I’m new to the area, moved to Sowerby recently and while Covid is a problem, I’d like to introduce myself and see whats going on around here.

I’m an Software IT Professional with a hobby for hardware; I’ve a Ender 3 Pro which I put to use for christmas presents and odd jobs around the house (Like a foot for a shower caddy) and have all sorts of unfinished Arduino, MSP430 and RPi projects under my belt.

Obviously meetups are a bit tricky right now, but is there anything else going on in The Virtual World that I might be missing out on?



Hi Toby. Sorry you’ve not got any replies yet. I moved to Sowerby between lockdowns and I’ve not met anyone local who is a maker yet. I have a still slightly inaccessible basement with a K40 laser and a wood lathe (not set up and I don’t know how to use it since lessons were cancelled). Not too familiar with 3D printing and the tech side I’m afraid but if you want any small lasercutting done I’d be happy to trade it for installing a MA meter as wiring stuff is a weak point of mine lol. Hoping this makerspace is active.once lockdown ends as I’misaing hacman in Manchester!

Sorry, but I’ve only just seen this! We just resumed Wednesday evening meetups - feel free to pop in for a chat. Before long, we’ll resume occasional laser-cutting introduction days to teach people the basics of creating a vector graphics file, and tweaking settings to get the laser-cutter scoring/ engraving/ cutting through sheet materials. We’re also looking into contributing to a local light art event.

Fantastic, 7-9 every Wednesday eh? ( Post-covid Relaunch )

I’ll see if I can pop down sometime soon and say hello!

@roo - Thanks for saying hello - Sorry my own reply was even worse than your own. :smiley:

Yes @warmfusion , every Wednesday. I’ve just set a recurring event on BR’s Facebook at
The ‘Events’ page on the website ( has the same recurring event on its calendar, which is still rather sparse as yet!

We’ll get more stuff happening as we all get more comfortable with meetups etc again, and more people get involved.